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"Today, at Smethwick, William Howard Beddard [35], described as an agent, and Mary Beddard [35], his wife, of Ledsam Street, Birmingham, were charged with stealing £230., the money of John Davis, of Victoria Street, Smethwick, on various dates. It will be remembered that a few days ago the prosecutor applied for a warrant at the Police Court at Smethwick, but on that occasion the magistrates refused to grant it. The matter was however, referred to the police to investigate. As a result of these enquiries. Police Inspector Moss, of Smethwick, arrested the prisoners at their home last evening. It is alleged that the female prisoner, who claims a relationship by marriage with the prosecutor, was in the habit of visiting his house in company with her husband, and it was during these visits, it is alleged, that the money was taken. Upon the application of Inspector Moss the accused were remanded until Monday next, bail being refused."
"Serious Charge at Smethwick"
Birmingham Mail : October 17th 1905 Page 4

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