Some history on Alderminster in the county of Worcestershire


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As this is a site concentrating on history, I have placed Alderminster under Worcestershire. However, since 1931 it was transferred to Warwickshire. As it is only 6.4km south of Stratford-on-Avon this make sense to many. Prior to 1931 the village was an exclave of Worcestershire, a bit like Dudley being geographically isolated within Staffordshire.

Noake's Guide to Worcestershire [1868]

"Otherwise Aldermaston, is a parish almost surrounded by Warwickshire, in the Shipston district, and midway between Shipston and Stratford. It belonged to Pershore Abbey until after the Dissolution, when Henry VIII gave it to Nicholas Throckmorton, and next it fell by marriage to one Mr. Parthrick. Temp. Elizabethae it had twenty-three families, and there is now a population of 520, with an acreage of 3,168. It is a discharged vicarage in the gift of the Lord Chancellor; the great tithes have been commuted for £188. 4s., and those of the incumbent for £160.19s.; the glebe comprises twenty acres in the parish and three and a half in Bengeworth; vicar, Rev. C. M. Tompson; value of living returned at £166. The greater part of the property in the parish belongs to J. R. West, Esq., of Alscot Park, who has lately much improved the dwellings of the labouring classes of the parish by building some ornamental and convenient cottages for their accommodation, which he lets to them with large gardens at a nominal rent. Some of the land in the parish is very poor, and the crops [principally wheat and beans] very much damaged by the game, which abound on Mr. West's estates, he being a strict preserver of game. The West Junction Railway, now in course of construction, runs through the parish, and will, when completed, be a source of great convenience to the farmers and others residing in the neighbourhood. The church is a cruciform structure, restored about the year 1660. It has a tower, clock, and five bells. There are twenty-eight pews, fifteen of which are free sittings, and are generally well filled. Among the curious old names in the parish are Upthrop, Wolland, Great and Little Pike, Hoberton, and Wellod Leys."

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Photographs of Alderminster

Alderminster : Saint Mary's Church [c.1908]

Alderminster : The Vicarage [c.1912]

Alderminster : Post-Office [c.1918]

Alderminster : Postman on The White Bridge [c.1910]

Alderminster : Coombe Farm [c.1925]

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Contemporary Photographs of Alderminster

Alderminster : Church of Saint Mary and Holy Cross [2014]

Alderminster : Church of St. Mary and Holy Cross [2014]

Alderminster : High Meadow [2014]

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"Douglas Ward, of The Bungalow, Alderminster, is in hospital for the second time with head injuries. His previous accident occurred while he was riding a motor-cycle. In consequence he took to a cycle. On Tuesday he had dismounted to waik up a hill, and was later found at the side of the road. Apparently he had been knocked down by a car. He sustained concussion and a hand injury, but he is making satisfactory progress."
"Unlucky Cyclist"
Stratford-upon-Avon Herald : November 18th 1938 Page 1

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