Some history on Alvechurch in the county of Worcestershire


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King William bh 1841

Pubs featured in this section of the website are within the parish boundary of Alvechurch, an area that incorporates the village itself, Rowney Green, Weatheroak Hill, Forhill, Hopwood and Withybed Green. Barnt Green once formed part of the parish but is now separate.

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Mitchells's and Butler's Export Pale Ale Beer Label

Ansell's - The Better Beer

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Related Newspaper Articles

"The tragic death of Emma Brand, of Lifford Lane, King's Norton, who was killed while cycling at Hopwood on Monday, was investigated by Mr. Docker. the Coroner, on Tuesday, at the Hopwood House Hotel. Alvechurch, and a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned. Accompanied by her sister and niece, Mrs. Brand was cycling near Alvechurch on Monday afternoon. Mrs. Brand had only just learned to ride a bicycle, and this was the first long journey she had attempted. Everything went well until the party reached Darby's Hill, a short but steep incline about a mile and half from Alvechurch. At this point one of the ladies was riding in front of Mrs. Brand. when suddenly the latter was heard to call out, "Oh, pull up, I can't stop, and shall fall off." The unfortunate lady appeared to have completely lost control of her machine, and swerved across the footpath into the gateway leading to the residence of Mr. F. J. Batchelor. She was dashed with terrific force against the brickwork of the pillar, and, striking her head against the sharp edge of the brick, sustained fearful injuries. Her friends summoned assistance, and Dr. Gaunt was called from Alvechurch, but the deceased was unconscious from the time of the accident, and died within a few minutes. An undertaking was given by the Coroner to send a recommendation to the proper quarter that a warning notice be placed at the top of the hill. The foreman of the jury said the hill was not a dangerous one in itself, but had two roads turning into it, and people often ran into danger, and there was no time to avoid it. Cyclists scorched down the hill in a most alarming manner."
"Warning Notice Wanted"
Evesham Standard : May 27th 1905 Page 6

"A serious accident occurred on Tuesday at Alvechurch, to a cyclist named Frederick Thomas Prangnell, aged 16, son of Mr. T. Prangnell, of Old Station Road, Bromsgrove. The youth had only arrived in the village on Monday, to assist in executing some ornamental plasterwork on behalf of the Bromsgrove Guild at Mr. J. Evan Rubery's residence, The Shrubbery, which is situated near to the top of Church Hill. The hill is very steep, and not used for traffic, and a path leads to the house. Prangnell had ridden over to Bromsgrove on a hired bicycle, and about mid-day he rode down the hill into the village to return the machine. He did not know the dangerous nature of the hill, and in descending he lost control and was carried down at a rapid rate, but managed to steer straight across the road and down a side street. Here he was brought face to face with a wall, and to escape the wall it would have been necessary to have made a turn almost at right angles, which, under the circumstances, was impossible. He dashed into the wall with great force, and suffered severe injuries to the legs, arms, and face, and losing three of his teeth. But for the fact that his hands offered some protection the accident probably would have been attended with far more serious results. The youth was picked up in an unconscious condition, and carried into a house close at hand, where he was kindly cared for by Mrs. Rook and Mrs. Black. When consciousness was restored, Mr. Baseley offered to drive him to Bromsgrove, and he was taken to the Cottage Hospital where he was attended by Dr. Cameron Kidd, and he is now going on very well."
"Cycling Accident at Alvechurch"
Bromsgrove & Droitwich Messenger : November 23rd 1907 Page 5

"Mrs. Ellen Mumford, Butler's Hill, near Redditch, was admitted to the Smallwood Hospital on Sunday night, as the result of injuries sustained in an accident. It appears that she was walking along the Birmingham Road, between Redditch and Alvechurch, when a cyclist ran into her, knocking her down. One man was riding the bicycle, and another man was standing on the step. Mrs. Mumford sustained serious injuries to the head, and was detained at the hospital."
Bromsgrove & Droitwich Messenger : October 24th 1914 Page 3

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