Some history of the Crown Inn at Cradley in the county of Worcestershire.


The Crown Inn at Barrack Lane in Cradley has, for many years been colloquially known as The Widders, a Black Country pronunciation of Widows. In the 21st century, when re-branding became the fashion, the pub's name was changed to the local epithet. In days gone by many pubs had a 'secret' name making it baffling to outsiders who did not know a locality's entry code. Like the dilution of the Black Country tongue itself, it seems a shame that this indigenous cryptic vocabulary is being eroded.

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Licensees of the Crown Inn

1871 - 1872 Joseph Oliver
1872 - c.1925 Eliza Oliver
1932 - Joseph Turner [Park Road]
1936 - Joseph Turner
1940 - Mrs. Daisy Smith
1961 - 1983 Dennis Taylor
1983 - 1986 John Stuart Sidaway
1986 - 1987 John Gormley-Carney
1987 - 1987 John Vernon Heathcote
1987 - 1989 Carole Mitchell
1989 - 1991 Judith Elizabeth Garner
1991 - 1992 Jean Margaret Murray
1992 - 1993 Christina Rose Farrington
1993 - 1999 Graham R. Hickman
1999 - Robert Sidaway
Note : this is not a complete list of licensees for this pub. The dates of early licensees are sourced from trade directories, census data, electoral rolls, rate books and newspaper articles. Names taken from trade directories may be slightly inaccurate as there is some slippage from publication dates and the actual movement of people.

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