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Photographs of Romsley

Romsley : Saint Kenelm's Church [c.1905]
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St. Kenelm's Church, located not too far from the site of the Red Cow, is a fine building with a rather singular story. It has been written that it was the Abbot of Halesowen Abbey who first built a chapel on what had already become a site of pilgrimage. This would date it to the early 13th century but Nikolaus Pevsner thought the structure was built in the previous century. However, any doubts over the age of the building is nothing compared to the legend of Saint Kenelm himself.

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Contemporary Photographs

Romsley : Saint Kenelm's Church [2017]
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Romsley : Blue Bird Chocolate Toffee

Related Newspaper Articles

"At the Police Court, on Tuesday, three respectably-dressed young men named Joseph Wright, Thomas Albert Southall, and William Cashmore, all residing at Causeway Green, were brought up in custody on the charge of indecently assaulting a young women named Elizabeth Jones on Sunday night. It was alleged that the prisoners met the prosecutrix on Sunday night at Romsley, knocked her down, and afterwards assaulted her. Mr. Hayes, who represented the prisoners, applied for a remand, which was granted."
"Charge of Assaulting a Young Woman"
Worcestershire Chronicle : May 19th 1883 Page 5

I followed this case up. They may have been in Romsley that day but the alleged assault occurred in the evening at Halesowen. All three men were committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions in July 1883 where they were acquitted.

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