Some history on Wyre Piddle in the county of Worcestershire


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Wyre Piddle Pubs

Wyre Piddle Brewery

This brewery was originally based in the neighbouring parish of Fladbury at Craycombe Farm but it feels right that I should list it on this page. With its name derived from an old children's rhyme that was popular in the area around the village of Wyre Piddle, the brewery was founded in 1992 by Martyn Wilkins. He had previously worked as a pub landlord in Stourbridge. The original brew, Piddle in the Hole, proved to be successful and led to another six ales of varying strength and taste evolving and being rolled out. The brewery supplied direct to selected pubs within a 50 mile radius. In 2002 the brewery moved to larger purpose-built facilities at Highgrove Farm in Pinvin, which enabled increased production to satisfy what was a growing demand for its premium ales. The firm's aim was to be able to supply more local outlets and retain the use of locally supplied and grown ingredients, production and finally, consumption. Martyn Wilkins, head brewer and owner committed his development plans to maintaining a strong local presence, by supplying more local pubs and clubs at reasonable and affordable prices. In the latter years Sonia Jones was brewer and ran the business. In the spring of 2013 the brewery was taken over by Ambridge Brewery.

Wyre Piddle Brewery : Pump Clip for Piddle In The Sun

Wyre Piddle Brewery : Pump Clip for Piddle In The Wind

Wyre Piddle Brewery : Pump Clip for Piddle In The Dark

Wyre Piddle Brewery : Pump Clip for Piddle In The Hole

Wyre Piddle Brewery : Pump Clip for Piddle In The Spring

Wyre Piddle Brewery : Pump Clip for Piddle In The Snow

Wyre Piddle Brewery : Pump Clip for Piddle All Over

Wyre Piddle Brewery : Pump Clip for Yule Piddle

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Old Photographs

Wyre Piddle : Church of Saint Anne [c.1912]

Wyre Piddle : Church of Street [c.1914]

Wyre Piddle : Violet Cottage, The Thatch, Middle Cottage and Rose Cottage in Church Street [c.1913]

Wyre Piddle : Avonbank Farm on Church Street [c.1910]

Wyre Piddle : The Cross [c.1930]

Wyre Piddle : The Cross and Church Street [c.1910]

Wyre Piddle : Arbour House and former George Inn [c.1916]

Wyre Piddle : Post-Office [c.1964]

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Contemporary Photographs

Wyre Piddle : Saint Anne's Church [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Wyre Mill [2016]

Wyre Piddle : The Marina [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Wyre House [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Church Cottage [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Avonbank in Church Street [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Timber-Framed Cottages on Church Street [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Appletrees on Church Street [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Cross Villa [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Railway Cottage on Worcester Road [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Parish Room and War Memorial [2016]

Wyre Piddle : Arbour House on Ryelands [2016]

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Related Newspaper Articles

"Helen Clarke was charged by Anna Pugh with assaulting her at Wyre Piddle, near this town, on Monday, September 22nd. It appeared in evidence that the parties, who are neighbours, have for some time past been "nursing their wrath to keep it warm," but that on the 22nd it burst into flame, Helen Clarke called Anna Pugh everything but a lady, and Anna Pugh returned the compliment with interest; this so incensed Helen Clarke, that she flew upon Anna Pugh like a perfect fury, demolishing her cap and uprooting her curls by handfuls, which caused complainant to shout murder, and seek protection of her more peaceable neighbours. Defendant was fined 10s., including costs, which she paid amidst a shower tears and execrations."
"Quarrelsome Neighbours"
Worcestershire Chronicle : October 1st 1856 Page 2

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